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See what coding can do for you


What It Is

Looparoo is a playful, colourful and adventure-filled app for 3-6 year olds where children complete missions, all  while learning to code! Our experience in teaching children from as young as three to code - before they can read - helped us create an app that makes learning effortless, intuitive and most importantly, fun!

Why choose Looparoo?

We empower preschoolers to understand the importance of using Tech for Good. We teach them to  develop a healthy relationship with their digital world at an early age, by empowering them to take control. With Looparoo they learn to code - and code to learn - thanks to our wide variety of cross-curricular games which spark their imaginations🚀
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Why Coding Matters

As our dependence on technology increases, we recognise that coding needs to be more accessible. The future is already here; we created Looparoo to make it easy, while giving your child a head start. We’re also passionate about ending the ‘STEM cliff’ by introducing girls to tech early so they get the coding bug and never want to stop!

Who we are

Looparoo is imagineered by Founded by three London mums working in digital industries, who wanted their own daughters to “fall in love with coding” (our favourite phrase!)


  • To provide children with the skills they need to be successful in the future world of work

  • To make sure both girls and boys both have the same opportunities, and perceptions about their abilities in tech


Since 2015 we have successfully run classes both in person and online over the pandemic. Now, we’ve brought our unique method of teaching coding to even more children through our app.

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Who it’s For 

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From Age 3  - really? Yes. 


Of course, we know children need to be suitably supervised when using devices. The Early Years, however, are a time for children to learn through exploration: following their own interests and investigating what parts of the world they can  influence. Coding gives children the power to do just that, while being creative and developing their communication and language skills in a fun-filled world!

Access to Looparoo is free!

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Missions, activities and projects provide the building blocks of your future-proofed child, fostering confidence, logic skills, creativity and imagination. Come and explore

Our proven award-winning methods have already taught over 3000 children to code. Your child could be next.

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Sign up for Looparoo and introduce

your child to a safe and creative world

of positive screen time

Coding at your fingertips

Our Tutors are experts in their field - they’ve been making learning fun for children for years!  Our curriculum is grounded in the UK National Curriculum, and through a wide variety of projects and via the Looparoo App, your child can be immersed in a colourful world of learning and creativity! If you’d like to try a live taught coding class with, click here...


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